Harris & Associates brings you more than 30 years of professional consulting experience for your electrical engineering needs. We are a professional electrical engineering and data technology design services company and maintain professional regulations in many states across the U.S. We utilize as much graphical and imagery content from our equipment suppliers as possible. This allows us to communicate our work with not only the end-user, our client’s representative, but also those implementing and building our designs.

“We are committed to conserving our natural resources & firmly believe in & promote the use of renewable energy sources as the key to making our planet more habitable for our future generations.”

We believe that visual imagery content is ever so important in portraying seemingly complex systems to individuals and helps to relate the graphics and nomenclature to the average non-engineering person, in a more inviting and intuitive manner. Established in 1998, Harris & Associates is a progressive and forward-thinking professional services company.

“We believe that every person, every company and every governing authority plays a vital role in this commitment. We believe that our technology is a necessary asset, necessary to achieve this.”

We wholeheartedly support the implementation and widespread use of “web-based” meetings, working-at-home and other creative properties. We feel through the use of these creative business practices we can not only achieve our country’s energy resolution goals, but we can at the same time improve the quality of life of our employees. We focus on quality and detail while developing collaborative approaches with the contractors to provide the most efficient and cost effective system practical.

Harris & Associates is constantly seeking exciting new and innovative technology, and unafraid to embrace emerging trends and technology. We employ the latest computer-aided design and drafts technology including dedicated graphics video processing and strive to achieve a higher level of comp — and the highest quality — available to us. Flexibility: We believe in being flexible to meet our clients needs. We can work from our offices or set-up-shop in yours.

“We are committed to the founding principles of the professional engineering profession, and to promote the safety and welfare of the general public.”

Through close and personal interaction with our clients, together we can achieve your goals. We value each and every client, no matter the size and believe our team of electrical and communication design professionals can help you to facilitate your technology needs.[/ezcol_2third]


Specialization in the area of arc flash analysis and arc flash studies with an advanced to expert level of proficiency.

Design, project management and construction management for the electrical power, distribution and controls for a new CO2 Sequestration Plant, pilot program through DOE including a new 138 kV Transmission Loop and 138-34.5 kV substation. This is one of the largest projects of its kind in the world and has achieved worldwide recognition in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This project captures CO2 emissions from ethanol, bio-fuels and soy processing facility processes and injects the CO2 into subsurface bedrock deep below the earth’s surface.



  • Protective relaying and coordination studies
  • Ara flash analysis and mitigation studies
  • Programmable logic controllers
  • Start up and commissioning
  • Automation systems
  • Energy audits and energy management
  • Power Distribution studies
  • Construction supervision and construction management of electrical systems
  • Project management
  • Development of electrical standards